Update, November 11, 2018

Issued: Sun, Nov 11, 2018 at 4PM

Expires: Mon, Nov 12, 2018

Above 3,500ft None

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Below 2,500ft None

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5. Extreme

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Marmot Mountain viewed from Idependence Mine Bowl Parkinglot
















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HPAC will be issuing intermittent snow and avalanche updates through the end of November, unless conditions warrant advisories or avalanche warnings. 


It’s still early season at Hatcher Pass and even though the snowpack is on the thin side, avalanches can happen.

Expect a 12″ deep snowpack at 3000′ and double that above the old rain/snow line of 4000′.

Specific locations may contain even more snow from previous wind loading. Leeward features, gully sidewalls, top loaded slopes, and the leeward side of gaps and passes may have stiff slabs sitting on weak, faceted, sugary snow. Avoid these locations, as triggering an avalanche may be possible.

Wet loose natural avalanches may be possible due to rain falling on snow tonight through Tuesday. Depending on the amount of rain that falls, slab avalanches may also be possible at mid to upper elevations on previously wind loaded features.

We still do not have a widespread, good base, rocks may be concealed by shallow blankets of snow, and will continue to be a hazard until our snow base increases substantially.

Right now there are several reasons for either using a conservative approach when entering the backcountry or for avoiding it all together:

  • Limited observations, conditions and avalanche hazard information
  • Thin snowpack
  • Weak basal facets/sugar
  • Rain on snow, with more rain possible
  • A recent warming snow storm, potential for instabilities with an upside down snowpack
  • At or above freezing temps, with temps forecasted to be above freezing at 4500′ through Tuesday
  • Poor riding conditions

If you get out to Hatcher Pass, please share your observations with us HERE, or email us at info@hpavalanche.org , and follow us on Facebook.

Recent avalanche activity today:

Marmot Mountain viewed from Independence Mine Bowl parking lot










View full observation HERE

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Jed Workman

Forecaster: Jed Workman